Friday, 22 December 2017


One week before spm, my depression came back because someone who i used to hate a lot texted me back. He tried to get closer with me after a long time. For some reason, i cant ignore him because well i am that type of person who is kind-hearted tapi tak bertempat. I did not remember it well but one day, he made me so freaking angry until i lose my temper. It hurts a lot. I cant breath well so i decided to punch the wall until my hand bleed and bruised, hoping that the pain in my heart will go away. For your information, it was the first time i did it. I seriously cant think of anything. I cried a lot while saying i didnt deserve this! repeatedly. It was so frustrating. Luckily, i managed to endure the pain before the examination start. Back then i used to think, why are people are so dumb for hurting their hand? Are they insane or whatNow i know exactly why, they rather hurt their hand than hurt their precious heart.